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Name:Roofer's Ramble: Monday night Swing & Blues
Address:2446 18th St., NW Washington DC, 20009
Google Maps Link: ~ Click here to open in Google maps! ~
Hours:8:00pm ~ 12:00am
Promoter Roofer's Ramble
Contact Roofer's Ramble
Classes:8:00pm ~ 9pm Beginner Swing or Blues Class
Cover:$5 DJ nights, $10~$15 Live-Band Nights

Roofers' Ramble is DC's blues and lindy hop event at the Roofers Union in Adams Morgan.

Each Monday, Roofer's Union clears out their dining room to make space for the blues and lindy hop community, and we hire a band OR blues and lindy DJs to spin your favorite tunes.

In between dances, try one of the 22 craft beers on tap or something off their awesome menu (the crispy brussel sprouts are ah-mazing!).

Wear what feels comfortable! You'll see people wear jeans, dresses, skirts, collared shirts--pretty much anything goes. We request that ladies do NOT wear heels. This keeps the noise level down for the shop below the venue.

There is both free and paid street parking in the area. Good places to look include: Biltmore St NW, 18th Street (particularly further down the hill), side streets off 18th, and other residential areas.

Woodley Park: 0.7 miles away
Colombia Heights: 0.8 miles away
Dupont Circle: 0.9 miles away
U Street Metro: 1 mile away

Name:Juke Box Blues at Angles
Address:2339 18th Street Northwest Washington, District of Columbia 20009
Google Maps Link: ~ Click here to open in Google maps! ~
Hours: 9:00pm ~ Whenever

Blues/fusion dancing every Wednesday night at Angles in Adams Morgan.

Celebrate, friends, for Wednesday is coming again, and that means your favorite chill, friendly, cozy, warm, bluesy night of crowdsourced fun- Jukebox Blues at Angles Bar!

Our philosophy is that newcomers are awesome; that asking about leading/following preference is necessary; that everyone chips in toward jukebox cash, jukebox song choices, and pitchers for the group to share; that the bar is our friend and we respect it by buying drinks and tipping well; and that we fill this tiny, wonderful space to the fucking brim with love. Oh, and dance your asses off!

Name:Backroom Blues
Address:7300 MacArthur Blvd., Glen Echo, MD 20812
Google Maps Link: ~ Click here to open in Google maps! ~
Hours:8:00pm ~ 11:30pm
Promoter:Capital Blues
Contact: ~ Click me ~
Instructor:Rotating instructors keep these lessons fresh and different. Our scene will continue to grow only if we encourage more instructors, djs, and dancers to join and fuel the community. Our instructors are usually local dancers who are as excited about this dance as anyone, and they’re here to share that with you.

Every Thursday night dancers converge upon “The Back Room” at Glen Echo for the best in DJed dances in the Washington, DC area. Different DJs and instructors offer a unique experience every night. Did we mention Air Conditioning? The space has gorgeous sprung hardwood floors, air-conditioning, and a water cooler! Bring your own water bottle, and help us save the planet one dance at a time.

DC Blues Events

Name:Red Hot Blues & BBQ 2015
When:May 22nd ~ 25th 2015
Address:Multiple venues, visit the website for info
Contact Visit the website: or ~ Facebook Event Page ~

The music. The dancing. The bacon. The tofu.

On May 22nd, 23rd, 24th, and 25th — Memorial Day 2015 — Capital Blues is throwing down a magnificent blues dancing holiday. It’s going to be the most *memorable* Memorial Day weekend, indeedily. We’re pumped to welcome your to our nation’s capital: sunny, crawfish-tastic Washington DC.

So plot out your tickets (maybe tell your boss you’re going to a “family reunion”), and get excited for some fantastic dancing. We’ll have amazing musicians every night, superb DJs to take us late to the night; and the BBQ competition to win hearts and warm bellies. We’ve got four days and four nights, so maybe expect a party or two, yknow?

More details: Registration will open on March 1 at 3 p.m. ET (or 12 p.m. PST, for all you wonderful West Coasters) and we’ve got three lovely price tiers for you to choose from: $90, $110, and $130.

As we did with BamBLOOZled last year, we will put all of our tiers live at the same time and keep them all open right up until registration closes. We know that your wallets are not filled with limitless money for dancing (sad but true), and we know that for some people, paying for a full dance weekend can be rough. But we want dancing to be a wonderful thing that everyone can enjoy!

So if you have a hard time paying a lot of money for a dance exchange, check out that $90 low-income tier (and stay tuned for volunteer opportunities to help cut that cost down even further!). There is also a $110 regular tier and a $130 benevolent giver tier. There are caps on the number of people who can register for each tier, so please choose the one that matches the upper level of what you are able to pay for and save the lowest tiers for those who really need it.

with love,
Capital Blues

Name:Dirt Cheap Blues Exchange
When:Sept 10th ~ 13th 2015
Address:Multiple venues, visit the website for info
ContactVisit: or: ~ Facebook Event Page ~

What is the Dirt Cheap Blues Exchange? No-Frills, No Fru-Fru, No Fluff - just a Bluesin' Vacation.

Enjoy spending time with dancers from all over the world to dance right on the beach, listen to great live music*, plus our infamous late nite-to-sunrise dances. The event starts on Thursday evening and goes all the way to Monday morning.

Keeping You In The Blues for over 10 Years!
Enjoy a fun weekend of dancing in one of America's favorite vacation spots! Dance in a historic theatre, chillax at the beach, enjoy tons of live music, killer DJs from all over the country at our famous late nite dances, plus all the sand you can fit in your suitcase.

What makes this event so differnet?

This event has two parts:
1) We dance ON the beach or at the stage to live blues music.
2) Then we dance at Late Nites

We do this by piggy-backing and dance at the daytime Blues concerts at the BLUES AT THE BEACH FESTIVAL* with over 10 Blues Bands. Then we throw a Late-Nite party afterwards.

What else should I know?
You are going to spend time ON the beach. You can swim in the ocean, dance on the beach, or at the stage, go souvenir shopping, get a bad sunburn, etc. That means bring your beach-going items (swimsuit, towel, sunglasses, suncreen, water-wings, umbrella, etc) and get ready to have beachin' fun. We may have lessons this year so keep an eye out.

Name:Blues Muse
Contact Visit: Blues Muse Website

A follow-focused workshop weekend to amuse and inspire.

What makes a blues dance magical? A great song, an inspiring follow, and a receptive lead. Blues Muse is a workshop weekend dedicated to bringing out the muse in every follow, and teaching leads to appreciate and collaborate with their partner.

This weekend includes two full days of instruction, a blues Jack & Jill competition and Jill competition, special performances, and three nights of social dancing to nationally hailed blues DJs, complete with late-night dances. Stay tuned for music updates!

Address:Multiple venues, visit the website for info
Contact Visit:

Awesome blues music. World-class teachers. Late nights. Stellar DJs. And... festivities. You visit, you dance, you stay, you keep dancing.

Details to come.