Name: Bebe A. Uy
Contact: (703) 314-3573 or E-mail
Where I teach: I teach FREE Salsa Beginner Lesson every Wednesday 9.30 -11pm at ELCENTRO Georgetown Mex Restaurant

Every 2nd 4th Friday of the month Latin Fusion Fridays 9-10pm ON2 Salsa Beginner Lesson

(NEW and still discussing the monthly date) Once a month, ON2 Ladies Styling 7-8pm / ON2 Partnerwork All Level 8-9pm at Latin Dancer Studio

Bio: Bebe Alanis UY graduated from Barry University Miami FL, Department of Art Design in 2011, and despite having previous degree in Art Design from her home country Cyprus/ Turkey, she always wanted to pursue her passion, dancing, since she was a child.

Bebe Alanis UY was born in Istanbul Turkey, and is the the only child of her parents. While she was a young girl her family realized her ability and skills about dancing so she attended ballet classes and improved her contemporary dance composition at an early age. Later on she was interested in Jazz, Traditional Folk Dance, Belly Dance, Modern Dance and finally Latin Dance. She attended congresses all around the world and attended workshops of some of the best dancers in the scene. This helped her to improve her technique, creativity and skills. She has also performed in Europe at several Dance Congresses.

Currently Bebe Alanis UY is conducting Dance Classes and Choreography in United States and Europe. Her passion is to transfer her dance knowledege and experience to others. In her own words "if you can walk, you can dance."

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Name: Cecilia Villalobos
Contact: (703) 597-7192 or E-mail
Where I teach: Lessons are held in Cameron Station Alexandria VA and the schedule is as follows: Tuesday from 8-10pm Dominican bachata and Wednesday all level salsa class from 8-10pm.

Bio: Director, Cecilia Villalobos, otherwise known as "The DC Salsa Queen" in the Salsa scene, is a former principal dancer and choreographer for the world famous SalsaFuegoDanceCo-Washington DC. One of the pioneers of the LA style salsa dancing in the EastCoast area. Cecilia Villalobos has performed internationally in Salsa Congresses, such as the Bacardi World Congress in Puerto Rico and the West Coast Salsa Congress in Los Angeles. Cecilia's many dance credits include appearances in national commercials, films, and television shows. With her intricate, lightning-fast styling and turn patterns, and her creative, innovative choreography, Cecilia continues to wow audiences who watch her perform in cheer amazement.

With over 20 years experience as an instructor, Cecilia Villalobos has taught classes and/or workshops in over 30 cities and different countries. Her friendly, outgoing personality and her high technical standards have made her one of the most well known and respected female salsa instructor in the nation.

Since 1996, Cecilia Villalobos, has been bringing the fire and passion of Latin dance to the EastCoast. In that time, she has taught thousands of DC students to Salsa, Cha-cha, Merengue, Argentine tango and Bachata. Her lessons and students have been featured in Telemundo DC, DC United Washington National, Department of Defense Army-Navy, Univision DC, Fox 5 Channel. Organization of American States, Kennedy Center, Verizon Center, TC Williams High School, Samuel Tucker Elementary School, Saint Michaels School, George Mason University, American University, Washington University, Nova Community College, Washington Post, Washington Times, Washington Hispanic, US Open, Union Station, DC Life Magazine, Harbord MD, LA Salsa Congress 1998-2003, Puerto Rico Salsa Congress 1998-2004, Amsterdam Salsal Congress 2001,Chicago Congress 2004-2006, Atlanta SalsaJam 2010, Peru Congress 2009-11, New York Spirit Cruise 2010 MemphisSalsaSummer Jam 2011, Oscar de Leon concert 2012. Lima peru congress 2013, New York Congress 2014, New Year's Eve 2014.........

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Name: Helena Mambotera
Where I teach:
Bio: The Panamanian beauty, Helena has always had a special interest in dance. Born with legs extending from the neck down, she discovered her passion for Salsa when she was first Stationed in Norfolk with the Navy. Her Stationing across Europe guided her growth to include Casino Rueda, Merengue, Dominican Style Bachata, Cumbia, traditional Spanish Sevillanas, Hip Hop, Jazz, Cuban Afro, On1 & On2 Salsa, and Modern Dance. Her background in these styles has made her the colorful (mostly caramel) dancer that she is today. Helena Mambotera, has performed over the year with Melao Dance Company and DC’s Mambo Swing. Helena has also help choreograph the “Bachata Project”, DC’s first bachata performance group under the direction of David Norton and Hector “Toti” Chavez. Helena has performed at NYC Salsa Congress, Boston Salsa Congress, DC Salsa Congress, Miami Salsa Congress, Toronto Salsa Congress, Germany, Spain and the DC Metropolitan area. Now, with El Panda, she in hungry for more!. Now as the DIRECTOR of Fusion Urbana, she is bringing her organic and artistic nature to the world.

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Name: Janet Valdivia
Contact: E-mail
Where I teach: Janet started teaching with the DC Style Salsa Academy in 2013 and can be found at their Silver Spring branch on Tuesday evenings. Students interested in accelerating the learning curve or honing their craft can contact her for private lessons

Bio: Janet has been dancing in some form all her life, and when she discovered salsa in 2006 she was instantly hooked. She has performed on several dance teams over the years and currently graces the stage with Baltimore’s Sentimiento. She is well-known in the DC social scene and is usually among the last people standing at the end of any social. She loves to make eye contact, establishing a connection with each partner she dances with. Janet travels frequently to congresses and dance events worldwide, where she has the opportunity to social dance and train with some of the best in the industry.

Janet has a professional background in software engineering. She brings an analytical mind to the dance floor and a structured approach to teaching, making sure her students are building on a solid foundation with correct technique, while also stressing the importance of musicality and free expression.

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Name: Jimmy Yoon
Contact: E-mail or visit
Where I teach:
Bio: Also known as “The General”, Jimmy Yoon is the Founder and Co-Director of the DC Style Salsa Academy, the largest salsa school in the DC/Maryland/Virginia region. Jimmy comes from a proud lineage of dancers, stemming from the fundamental teachings of Erik Rodriguez of Okinawa. Jimmy has been dancing salsa for a decade, and was personally mentored by Chris Harris of Tokyo and Lady Bokyoung Kim of Seoul, Korea. While in the military, stationed in Seoul, he became a disciple of Chris Harris. Chris trained Jimmy based on the training Chris received from Erik Rodriguez, while also imparting to Jimmy the On2 Salsa Style of Washington, DC.

During his intense training under Chris, Jimmy was always inspired by DC dance legends like Psyon “Dee” Scott and Shaka Brown. Shortly after moving to DC in late 2007, Jimmy was scouted and recruited by ClaveKazi Director, Shaka Brown, to become an instructor at his studio. It was there that Jimmy apprenticed in salsa dance instruction for over 3 years, under the watchful eyes of Shaka Brown and Co-Director Irene Holtzman. During his time at ClaveKazi Dance Studio, Jimmy learned the CK method of instruction, while developing his own detailed, technique oriented methodology in teaching salsa dance. Jimmy was also recruited by DC’s very own Mr. Mambo to be the resident On2 instructor at the Legendary Mr. Mambo’s Dance Social, the premier dance event and longest running dance social in the Washington DC Metro Area. Jimmy has been teaching at Mr. Mambo’s for the past 6 years and continues to provide detailed, engaging instruction to countless dancers who attend Mr. Mambo’s Social.

Jimmy has taught over a thousand hours of salsa instruction, has led hundreds of students, and has instructed over a thousand classes and workshops in DC, across the US, in Korea, Thailand, Spain, Finland, and Brazil. He is a frequent guest instructor at The iconic Stuck On Salsa events in Washington DC and is a frequent invited instructor at the DC Salsa Congress, DC Bachata Congress, and many other festivals and congresses around the world. Jimmy is also the organizer of the SALSACON festivals, an international “underground” salsa festival that takes place annually in various parts of the world. In 2012, Jimmy founded the DC Style Salsa Academy in an effort to codify, preserve, and promote the regional style of On2 dancing, native to the DC Metro Area.

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Name: Jovanny Aguirre
Contact: (571) 337-8188 or visit
Where I teach: Dancesport Dupont
2201 P st. NW, Washington DC, 20037
2 Blocks from Dupont Circle.
Free and available parking at meters parallel to Sunoco

Bio: A native of Puerto Rico, Jovanny has been part of the DC Metro area’s Salsa community since 1999. He has performed at the Puerto Rico, Canada, and DC Salsa Congresses with Trabuco Dance Company and previously directed the George Mason Azucar dance team. With 10 years of teaching experience, Jovanny places emphasis on perfecting technique, smoothness, dancing with and feeling the music. Whether you want to learn the basics, creative turn patterns, fancy footwork or just looking to be a better all around salsa dancer, Jovanny can help you meet those goals. His classes are effective, easy to follow and fun. And you will definitely learn how to salsa in no time.

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Name: Karen Aguilar
Contact: (703) 586-8032 and ~ Click to Email ~
Where I teach:
2350 M. St. NW Washington DC 20037
Thursday nights Salsa on2 and Bachata
No Charge, FREE lessons
7:30pm to 9:15pm

Salsa On2 Training performance group male and females
Lioudmila Dance Studio
18th Roth St. Alexandria VA 22314
7:30pm to 9pm
1st Tuesday of the month new student enrollments accepted

Bio: Karen Aguilar has been dancing, performing, teaching and directing dance in the local areas of VA, DC and MD since 2001. Taught for 6 years at one of the most well-known salsa clubs in the area, The Salsa Room. She has traveled to Puerto Rico salsa congress, 2006 and 2007, NYC and DC salsa congresss with her performance group, Son Mulato, an all ladies performance group she directed. Many local dancers have taken workshops and classes with her to obtain the technique needed to become skilled dancers especially focusing on dance style On2, On1, Cha-Cha-Cha and Bachata . She started in 2011 her own local ladies student group, The DMV Ladies Student Group. In this group she trains ladies in the skill of timing, styling and technique to be able to develop as dancers and performers. Karen Aguilar is skilled in leading, following, styling and performance. She has helped develop the social salsa and bachata dance scene in the DC, VA and MD areas since 2004. She is also the founder of The Divine Dancer, Divine dance shoes and dance clothing boutique, The Dancers Closet.

Available for private lessons
Dance Studio Lioudmila
18th Roth St. Alexandria VA, 22314
Email to schedule:


Divine (Dance Shoes, clothing):

Performance team:

Social events:

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Name: Keith Givens
Where I teach:
Bio: Keith Givens is a Washington, DC based Salsa Instructor and Performer. He has been teaching Salsa and other Latin dances for over 10 years, including at Salsa and Bachata Congresses in DC, Baltimore, Pittsburgh and California and Europe. When he teaches he focuses on ensuring his students have a good time and ‘get it’ (the turn pattern) by the end of each class. He is the Director of Latin Motion Dance Company, an On 1 and On 2 Salsa (& Bachata) performance dance company based in DC. More information about Keith Givens and Latin Motion Dance Company can be found at

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Name: Kim Torrence
Contact: Cell: (301) 693-1128 or E-mail
Where I teach: DMV; currently teaching at Dance Bethesda (8227 Woodmont Ave, Bethesda, MD)
Bio: Current class offerings: Afro-Latin fusion student performance group (currently in progress), training cycles in body movement/Afro-Latin fusion of 8-10 weeks (next cycle Fall 2015), drop-in classes in body movement and footwork (announced throughout the year, next cycle May 2015).

Kim Torrence has been dancing salsa for 10 years, and has studied Afro-Cuban dance for the past 5 years. Her dance training also includes the study of Dunham technique, Afro-Latin Funk, Horton, house dance, Latin Jazz, and West African. Kim is known for her body movement, musicality, and free and expressive dance style. Kim is originally from the Washington, DC area, where she initially learned to how to dance in the underground house clubs in the city. She has recently returned to the DC area after living in New York City for the past 5 years. Kim’s teaching style incorporates a blend of technique learned from her dance training infused with wisdom from her extensive study of eastern spirituality, meditation, and Western psychology. She believes that mindfulness and self-awareness are key to dancing fully and freely. Kim endeavors to not just teach “moves” to her students, but to help them connect to the wisdom of their body through dance, so that they can “dance from the inside out”.

Available for privates, group classes, and choregraphy.

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Name: Luz Rodriguez-Mercier
Contact: E-mail
Where I teach:
Bio: Widely regarded as the “Princess of DC,” Luz Rodriguez-Mercier has traveled the world teaching, performing, and dancing. Luz is a Founder and Co-Director of the DC Style Salsa Academy, the DC region’s premier training institution for salsa On2. As a former principal dancer and instructor of the ClaveKazi Dance Company, she has competed and performed with Shaka Brown at events around the world including the NY Salsa Congress, Salsorro, Venezuela Salsa Open, Flava Invasion, DC Salsa Congress, Chicago Salsa Congress, Curaçao Salsa Tour, UK Salsa Congress, Vancouver Salsa Masquerade Ball, iMambo TV Extreme Salsa Japan and more. Winner of the 2008 DC Salsa Open, Luz represented Washington DC at the Puerto Rico Salsa Open. In 2009, Luz spent 8 months teaching and choreographing at the EDSAE school in Lisbon, Portugal meanwhile teaching and performing throughout Western Europe.

Luz has been dancing and teaching with Jimmy Yoon since 2009, and has traveled and taught with Jimmy all over the US and in Korea. She credits her reputation for clean, precise following, while being able to keep her stylistic approach, to dancing with Jimmy for many years. Luz firmly believes that styling should never impede the lead or the execution of partner work. Having said that, she is widely known to be one of the best follows and stylists in the region.

Luz has instructed hundreds of classes and workshops in DC, across the US, in Korea, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Venezuela, and Curaçao. Luz is a frequent guest instructor at The Iconic Stuck On Salsa events in Washington DC and is a frequent invited instructor at the DC Salsa Congress and DC Bachata Congress. In 2012, Luz co-founded the DC Style Salsa Academy with Jimmy Yoon in an effort to codify, preserve, and promote the regional style of On2 dancing, native to the DC Metro Area.

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Name: Marsha Bonet
Contact: (571) 263-6068 • E~mail or visit
Where I teach: Private Lessons are available in Alexandria VA, Baltimore/Catonsville, MD. DC location coming soon!
Bio: Marsha Bonet is located in the DMV (Washington D.C., Virginia, & Maryland) area; she began her dance experience with ballet (Vagonova Method) and then studied other dance forms which include: tap, jazz, modern, African, Capoeira, Bharatanatyam (Classical Indian Dance), flamenco, Ballroom & Latin dance. She also has experience with television work.

Marsha is currently a professor at George Mason University teaching Ballroom and Latin Dance. She is the director of her school: Marsha Bonet & Dancers LLC. She is frequently invited to give lectures and presentations for a variety audiences. In addition, she has formed partnerships with artists of several genres, thus adding to the diversity of her skill set as an artist, choreographer, dancer, and teacher. Marsha provides coaching in flamenco, Spanish Dance, Ballroom, Latin, Salsa/Mambo. Her school offers a program for both children and adults. For the upcoming dance professional or educator Marsha Bonet & Dancers LLC have a training program for certification of teaching with the Marsha Bonet & Dancers LLC school and representation for events.

Marsha’s achievements:
• Degrees from the Imperial society of teachers of dance based out of London
• Performances & coaching with celebrated dancers and musicians
• Double degree in Molecular Biology and Microbiology
• Current Pro Global Champion Title from The World Salsa Summit 2015

Marsha has a Licentiate Degree with Honors from the USISTD. She has extensive teaching experience in social and competitive Ballroom, Latin, Flamenco/Spanish Dance, Quinceneras, and wedding dances.. Her student body includes children, singles, couples, and groups.Marsha’s coaches have included: Mr. Frank Regan (U.S. Latin and Standard Champion), Igor and Polina Pilipenchuk (10 dance champions), Alan Tornsberg and Vibeke Toft-Latin Champions, Bill Davies (Standard Ballroom Champion), Mr. Dan Calloway,Maestro Antonio Vargas, Dr. Janaki Rangarajan, Harriet Moncure, Anya Katsveman & etc.

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Name: Orlando Machuca
Contact: (703) 283-4128 or E-mail
Facebook Orlando Machuca jr Insta @Landodolce

Where I teach: Mondays guest instructor at Clarendon grill
Tuesdays guest instructor @ Iris lounge

Wednesdays Café Citron 7:30pm Beginner 8:15pm Intermediate, Last Wednesday of every month basic footwork for beginners, and shines for intermediates Rest of the month partner work.

Thursdays The Salsa Room 7:30pm Beginner 8:15pm Intermediate, lessons rotate weekly Salsa & /or Bachata

Every other Friday, The Salsa Room 8:15pm Beginner, 9:00pm Intermediate lessons rotate weekly salsa & /or bachata, or both at times

Bio: Orlando Machuca started as a young shy kid who loved to perform. He began with Eileen Torres in a youth group called LPG(2002), performing locally where he was discovered by Dee (Pyson) to become a member of ClaveKazi directed by Shaka Brown. Orlando Performed with ClaveKazi for 3 years, developing as a social dancer and traveling to many Salsa congresses and Latin events. Orlando’s dancing has taken him to Puerto Rico, New York, New Jersey, Texas, Philly, Canada, Miami, Los Angeles, San diego, Chicago, and Paris. Orlando has shared the stage with top notch legendary dancers such as Andy Cruz (Chicago’s prince of Salsa), Stracy Diaz (world renowned dancer and phenomenal dancer), Julissa Cruz (director of Pura Vintage) and Candy Mena (styling goddess).

Born and raised in Arlington VA, Orlando is proud of his Salvadorian descent. Orlando is recognized as one of the best instructors in the DC area, and is popular for his sense of humor and upbeat personality which attracts all ranges of dancers. Orlando is a fixture of the DC Salsa community, teaching regularly at both The Salsa Room and Café Citron, as well as being one of the first instructors to start gay salsa in the area at Cobalt on Mondays, and Fuego on Fridays. Orlando has also taught at Northern VA Community College, George Mason University, and most recently John Hopkins University, along with salsa fest at UVA. In 2009 Orlando, along with co-director Hugo Mussenden introduced the HD Dance Company to the world, and they have been keeping the party going ever since! These two are two of the best leads and followers in the area bringing fire to any floor!

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Name: Renie Joie
Contact: (415) 425-8786 or visit
Where I teach: Dancesport Dupont
2201 P st. NW, Washington DC, 20037
2 Blocks from Dupont Circle.
Free and available parking at meters parallel to Sunoco

Bio: Growing up in a musically inclined Venezuelan family, Renie Joie's ease at picking up rhythm and movement were noted early on. At 14 she was recruited to train as a salsa dancer and from there quickly moved on to train with a Pro-team, teach classes, and choreograph performances at a local high school. She continues to developher dancing by training with other professionals and expanding her repetoire with other genres of dance such as: Swing, Tango, Hip-hop, and Afro-Haitian.

With her versatility and innate sense of musicality she hope to help other dancers by developing their natural rhythm. She recognizes that people learn in different ways so in teaching she uses words, beats, numbers, and visual cues to adapt to all styles of learning.

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Name: Tish Valadez
Contact: (434) 409-9431 or visit or E-mail
Where I teach: Habana Village in Adams Morgan
Bio: Tish discovered the DC salsa scene on December 2005 at club Yuca where a salsa DVD release party was being held. Feeling a little intimated, since she was only a beginner, she sat back and observed dancers relish a small dance floor. Surprisingly, once 11pm hit, dining tables were cleared off the floor and within minutes just about every inch of the restaurant floor was covered with sexy smooth salsa dancers. Wanting to become one of these stylish dancers, she began salsa training and eventually started teaching salsa in Charlottesville, VA in 2008.

She helped start Mambo On2 UVa Club and organized the Charlottesville Salsa Festival in 2009. She eventually moved to Washington DC and joined several dance training teams lead by top DC instructors.

From December 2012 to present, Tish joined the salsa instructor team at Habana Village in Adams Morgan. Always enrolling in dance classes and workshops, she continuously cultivates her dance and teaching styling.

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Name: Victor Maysonet
Where I teach:
Bio: Instructor, Choreographer and Founder of the ground breaking, explosive Hyper Attitude and Trabuco Dance Companies, Victor Maysonet’s passion for dance is only surpassed by his desire to share these gifts with his students and community and the world. Born in the island of Puerto Rico, Victor was raised surrounded and influenced by all music and dance rhythms. Building on the roots of Puerto Rican Folklore, and greatly influenced by Pop culture, early on he began to expand his repertoire of dance styles to include Afro-Caribbean, Latin, Social and Ballroom dances. Today, established in Maryland, he continues influencing the Salsa dance scene and community through advanced workshops and community outreach efforts.

With 20+ years as a professional dancer & choreographer, Victor’s multifaceted career began with a passion for dancing and credits it for his exposure to a myriad of opportunities, both personally and professionally, all over the world. Professionally trained and mentored by many of the original instructors who pioneered the transition of Salsa from the streets to the studios and stage, Victor is a member of the first generation of instructors and choreographers who began the evolution and introduction of this neo genre to the World Salsa Congresses. But more importantly, a contributor of bringing Salsa to mainstream for a new generation to enjoy and make part of today's culture.

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Name: Victor Yang
Where I teach:
Bio: After initially resisting the temptations of Salsa, El Panda succumbed to its allure. Since that fateful day 10 years ago, he has been in the heart of the DC Salsa Scene and has been teaching at Habana Village for 8 of those years. In that time, he has also been member of many of DC’s dance group such as, Son in Motion, Clave Kazi Student group, Mambo Swing, Victor and Antonio, and Conga Beat. He has performed over the years in Toronto, NJ, NY, PA, DMV. With his current dance partner, Helena Hassan, they have created a new dance company, Fusion Urbana with a focus on the passion of the dance and the rhythm of the music.

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Name: Yulia Leila
Contact: E-mail
Where I teach: Teaching currently on Fridays 7-8pm beginner/intermediate salsa on2 at Silver Spring YMCA at 9800 Hastings Dr. The Y does their "sessions" for which they ask students to sign up. Drop ins are not well advertised but always welcome, please contact me first. Bonus: free childcare on premises.
Tango lessons coming soon at the same location Tue evenings. I am also available for privates.

Bio: Born in Moscow, Russia. I earned my very first income by teaching dance at a summer camp at 14. Came to the US in 1986.I started dancing salsa on 1 with Ricardo Loaiza and Elba Garcia in DC Salseros student group in 1998. After a couple of performances I realized I was more intetested in social dance and teaching. Learned to lead and also learned salsa on 2 in early 2000's and started teaching at the Silver Spring YMCA in 2008. Specialize in helping students switch from 1 to on2 and teaching dance to kids. Have done workshops for Montgomery County Public Schools.

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Name: Yulio Gutierrez
Contact: (202) 215-8618 or E-mail
Where I teach:
Bio: Yulio Jeisson Gamonal Gutierrez, native of Ica-Peru, currently living in Washington, DC. Project Manager, IT Regional Tech/Network Consultant at Richard Sandoval Restaurants. He has practiced Latin dance such Argentine tango, Salsa on1-on2, Bachata, Cha Cha Cha, but he is locally well recognized as DC Latin dance Instructor and for his effort and success to promote bachata into DC/MD/VA dance community.

He learned some valuables technics from the best DMV tango teachers such as Pablo Fontana and Carina Losano from BA, Argentina. Trained by Numerous world Champions Salsa dancers at Congresses in DMV are and New York City. Coached in Bachata Style by Gabryel and Begonia from Spain, and attended numerous workshops with masters from Island Touch dance company "George and Tanja from Miami" —and taught students from all over the DMV area for over 9 years. As an instructor, Yulio teaches the styles of Salsa on On1 -On2, ballroom bachata, Dominican Bachata, Bachata romantica, and Bachatango, which is very elegant and dynamic, while at the same time relaxed, comfortable, enjoyable, and accessible to everyone. His natural ability and his training with some of the greatest instructor from DMV area give him a unique capacity to instill his students with a deep feeling for the subtle nuances of Latin dances.

He emphasizes contact and communication between dancers (becoming a great leader and follower) so that they move together in rhythm and harmony. Under his guidance, students realize a new feeling for music and movement, and they come to enjoy the sensations, which have made Salsa and Bachata now one of the most popular dances and art for future generations.

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